COVID-19 Policy


Covid-19 Enhanced health & hygiene Policy

Alistair Hugo is dedicated to fighting the threat of Covid-19 and any other virus very seriously. As a catering business we already adhere to the best form of defence – washing hands on a regular basis. We have put the following measures in place to prevent the spread and protect our staff and customers.

  1. Follow Safer food Precaution policy advice
  2. Follow WHO and UK Hospitality advice
  3. Train staff & display notices re understanding their responsibilities and procedures
  4. Deliveries/visitors/staff action plan – see below
  5. Work place action plan – see below
  6. Social distancing menus – see website

Deliveries/visitor/staff action plan

Email awareness letter to all suppliers that we directly have contact with

  1. Checking staff health before shift including laser temperature check. Instructing staff to self-isolate if they come down with covid-19 symptoms and not come into work for 10 days
  2. Train and brief staff daily before shift that they must be extra vigilant with washing hands,  sanitizing work surfaces, making use of PPE
  3. Minimize getting deliveries with bulk orders and stocking up if possible
  4. Ask all external delivery drivers/visitors to use sanitizer gel before entering unit, no drivers/visitors beyond front lobby
  5. Only designated staff member to receive deliveries and limit other people entering the unit
  6. Turn away all door to door salesman/unknown visitors before they enter unit, avoid contact with any visitors
  7. Designated staff member to wear PPE whilst having any contact with external delivery drivers/visitors

Outgoing Food deliveries to customers

  1. Chilled Packing area to be separated with a line of empty shelving from chef fridge access
  2. One designated staff member to pack outgoing orders
  3. Supply all drivers with wipes & gloves to be used for each delivery and then disposed off
  4. All delivery drivers to wear a face mask and gloves on all deliveries
  5. All drivers advised to strictly follow building/company access procedures

Work place action plan

  1. All staff members to make use of sanitizing station located in front lobby before proceeding into the unit ie sanitise hands, wipe down bags, equipment etc. Then wash hands thoroughly before entering and re-entering changing room and kitchen production area
  2. All door handles & common areas external & internal to be sanitized frequently throughout the day
  3. Kitchen staff to be kept separate from drivers and office staff as much as practical.
  4. Kitchen and drivers to have separate drinks station and eating area
  5. Drivers are not allowed beyond loading bay entrance – to collect outgoing deliveries only
  6. Kitchen staff to work in small social distancing teams in designated kitchen areas. Different shift pattens will be used to separate staff if required
  7. One way flow for foot traffic around the kitchen
  8. No more than one chef in the three designated walk in fridge areas at anyone time

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