There is a strict cancellation period of 36hrs monday to friday. If you wish to cancel an order for a monday you need to cancel on the previous friday. We do not accept cancellations over the weekend. Your order will be delivered as requested, unless you confirm in writing (email) that you do not require the delivery, however you will still be charged the full amount.

Please note that we are not liable for delays due to bad weather conditions, strikes, demonstrations, terrorism or similar acts or events. If you have to cancel your function or event due to similar unforseen circumstances and no longer require the food order you will still be charged the full amount. Please read our full terms and condtions in the grey footer at the bottom of this page

How do I earn reward points? All orders processed online through our website will qualify you personally for reward points which can be cashed in for a great voucher scheme.We cannot assign rewards points for orders placed by email.

What if I want to amend or cancel my order? Simply login, go to My account find the correct order in Saved baskets or Orders Awaiting delivery and edit/remove items, change amounts or cancel the complete order. Submit the amended/cancelled order and we will confirm via email when we have received it and processed it. You will not be able to amend your order from 12:00 the day before delivery. You will not be able to cancel any order with less than 36hrs notice. Different terms apply to events see full terms and condtions in the grey bar in the footer at the bottom of the home page.

How do I pay? Can I open an account? When registering your details for the first time you will be asked if you wish to open an account. Once confirmed we will invoice you according to your request for weekly or monthly invoices. Please note your account will be put on hold and eventually removed if invoices are not paid on time. Otherwise you can pay by credit card at check out or cash/company cheque on delivery. You can always apply for an account at a later stage. If you place an order on behalf of another company you are responsible for the payment, otherwise they must place the order themselves and pay by credit card in advance.

All prices mentioned exclude VAT.

What is the latest time I can order? Please always provide us with as much notice as possible, although last minute orders can be placed up to 1600 the previous day for next day delivery. If you need to place an order after 1600 or on the same day please call to confirm that we can cater for your requirements. Sometimes if you can be flexible with the menu & delivery time then so can we.

Please note during busy periods and when we receive a sudden influx of late orders we sometimes have to bring the order cut off time forward. This means you will not be able to order upto 1600 for next day delivery. 

Please note we cannot accept orders for morning pastries, certain breads, canapés or some fork buffet dishes after 1600. You will be advised when ordering online or please call to confirm.

Is my delivery free? Is there a minimum order amount? Yes. As most of our customers are located in central London there is no delivery charge but there is an general admin fee of £5 per order. For all areas of London see map and details below. Different general admin fees apply.

We have assigned 4 delivery bands (areas) for London

For a delivery before 0700 or after 1800 for any band please call to confirm that we can cater for your needs at this time.

Please view the map below to note which band you are located within. When placing an online order you will be asked for your delivery slot first, which includes date, time and postcode. You will be advised at this point what the fuel/delivery charge & minimum spend will be. You may also be asked to call the office to confirm availability.

Band 1 Central London

Admin fee £5 per order

0700 – 1500 - £45 minimum spend per delivery

1501 – 1800 - £95 minimum spend per delivery

Band 2 Inner London

Admin fee £15.00 per order

0700-1500 - £95 minimum spend per delivery

1501-1800 - £175 minimum spend per delivery

Band 3 Greater London

Admin fee £25.00 per order

0700-1500 - £175 minimum spend per delivery

1501-1800 - £225 minimum spend per delivery

Band 4 Outer London

Call to confirm

If your postcode is not in the coloured areas or for delivery times outside of regular delivery hours (0700-1800) or for weekend deliveries please call to confirm availability and admin fee.

Postcode map (Click image below to zoom in!)


What time should I ask for delivery? You can choose your own delivery slot to fit your event schedule. You will be asked for an earliest and latest delivery time window. If you are planning to eat at 1200 you should request delivery from 1100-1130. If you have a large order and or crockery, glasses etc that need arranging you will require more time to setup, remove cling film from platters etc so you might need more time and/or help. Also be aware of your building and surroundings. If you know there are major road works in your vicinity or the goods lift is not working let us know and book an earlier delivery time.

Please note drivers will deliver the food to your kitchen/meeting room etc and put it out on a suitable surface, but will not unwrap cling film, arrange platters, prepare equipment etc. They need to leave in a timely manner so they can deliver to the next customer. If you require help you will need to book a senior waiter.

How will my order be delivered? What will Alistair-Hugo provide? Your chosen order is delivered on white ceramic platters and bowls. Serving utensils for fork buffets can be requested at the check out stage, simply tick the relevant box, there is a charge depending on the number of untensils required

China, cutlery and glassware can be ordered at an additional cost. see equipment hire in browse menus

Disposable plastic platters and bowls can be requested for an additional cost of £3.50 per head – don’t forget to tick the box on the check out page

Paper Napkins will be provided free if requested – don’t forget to tick the box on the check out page

Can i hire equipment
Yes we offer a range of glasses, crockery, cutelry, linen and much more

Please check the equipment on arrival to make sure nothing is missing, damaged or dirty

If time and schedules permit we will try to replace missing, damaged or dirty equipment if notified at the time of delivery only, otherwise a refund will be offered if appropriate

Please repack used or unused equipment neatly and securely back into the same packing boxes that it arrived in. Any damage caused in transit after collection to equipment through poor packing, ie glasses in the wrong box will be chargeable.

Please kindly note that due to tight delivery and collection schedules the drivers will not have time to pack up equipment after events on behalf of the customer or repack equipment that has been placed in the wrong boxes

How will hot food be delivered? Hot buffet dishes are delivered in insulated boxes. Depending on your timings we will either leave the food in the box for you to serve when ready or the driver will transfer the dishes onto hot plates, that we provide with each delivery if requested. – don’t forget to tick the box on the check out page, there is a charge depending on the number of hot plates required.

Ideally if you have the time and logistics the hot plates should be plugged into a socket to heat up. They take approx 10 minutes. Some of our regular customers buy their own hot plates so they are setup and hot when we arrive with the food.

When will you collect? Generally all ceramics and any hired equipment will be collected the following day. So you must have a safe & secure area to store this equipment. You will be charged for any loss or damage. Alternatively you can request same day collection upto 1500 if we can fit it into our daily schedule, you must inform the office by making a note under 'Any special requirements' at the checkout stage. Please make sure everything is available for collection. If we have to return the following day there will be a £5.00 charge. Same day collection after 1500 can be arranged for a fee of £25.00

How should I keep my food order fresh & safe?

We store, pack and deliver cold food in a refrigerated environment. Temperature controls, checks and records are made twice daily and on vehicle departure and arrival. All records can be requested for inspection. Hot food is packed into insulated boxes to maintain temperature, the food is probed and temperatures logged before departure. We will provide you with the relevant information on your customer delivery note. After our delivery is complete the liability for safe food handling, correct storage, temperature and service becomes the customers responsibility and liability.

Temperature: The food standards agency states: Recommended temperature control Cold foods…must be kept at 8°C or below. Hot foods…must be kept at 63°C or above.

Service and display: When you are displaying and serving food, you can keep it out of temperature control (see above) for a limited period of time only.

Cold foods can be kept above 8°C for up to four hours. You should only do this once. If any food is left after this time, you should throw it away or keep it chilled at 8°C or below until it is used.

Hot foods can be kept below 63°C for up to two hours. You should only do this once. If any food is left after this time, you should throw it away.

Remember you should only do this if you need to and it is very important not to keep food out of temperature control for longer than these times.

If you reheat food, make sure that it is piping hot (steaming) all the way through.

More information can be found on the following link http://www.food.gov.uk

What Alistair Hugo recommends: Hot food to be consumed within 1 hour of delivery Cold food to be consumed within 2 hours of delivery

Temporary refrigeration: We can deliver cold food in large cool bags to keep your order fresh & safe for up to 4 hours. They can be booked for early delivery, uncertain eating times or locations. There is a £1.50 charge for this service per person - don't forget to tick the box on the check out page

Vegetarian dishes Please note some ingredients in our dishes may contain animal by products like capric acid, tallow, rennet, glycerin, whey, suet, stereate, and emulsifiers. A common known example is Parmesan cheese which contains animal rennet. If you are a strict vegetarian or vegan and want to avoid these types of ingredients please let us know and we will try to suggest a strict vegetarian dish or use alternative ingredients if possible.

Instructions for operating the hot water boiler
1. Carefully place the machine on a stable surface before filling with water
2. Remove the lid and fill the machine with cold water upto the max level indicator
3. Push the plug into a suitable socket and switch on. The green light will indicate the power is on
4. Turn the dial clockwise until it is fully turned. Maximum power.
5. The volume of water in the machine will determine the length of time that it will take to heat but it can take up to 40 minutes to heat a full machine.
6. Adjust the dial by turning anti clockwise to lower heating temperature
Please be aware that the outer surface of the machine is extremely hot when in use and ensure that you are very cafeful when removing the lid and pouring water from the tap, as this will release very hot steam.




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