Delivery Areas

Is my delivery free? Is there a minimum order amount?
As most customers are in central London there is no delivery charge but there is an admin fee of £5 per order. For all areas of London see map and details below.

We have assigned 4 delivery bands (areas) for London

For a delivery before 0700 or after 1800 for any band please call to confirm that we can cater for your needs at this time.

Please view the map below to note which band you are located within. When placing an online order you will be asked for your delivery slot first, which includes date, time and postcode. You will be advised at this point what the admin fee & minimum spend will be. You may also be asked to call the office to confirm availability.

Band 1 Central London

Fuel levy £5 per order

0700 – 1500 - £45 minimum spend per delivery

1501 – 1800 - £95 minimum spend per delivery

Band 2 Inner London

Fuel Levy £15.00 per order

0700-1500 - £95 minimum spend per delivery

1501-1800 - £175 minimum spend per delivery

Band 3 Greater London

Fuel levy £25.00 per order

0700-1500 - £175 minimum spend per delivery

1500-1800 - £225 minimum spend per delivery

Band 4 Outer London

Call to confirm

If your postcode is not in the coloured areas or for delivery times outside of regular delivery hours (0700-1800) or for weekend deliveries please call to confirm availability and admin fee charge.

Postcode map (Click image below to zoom in!)



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